Leif Johnson - Showreel 2015

A look at the past year with a little look at previous years too. 
Clients: Vauxhall, McLaren, L'Oreal, Microsoft, Cock Heart, Purina, Dubai Expo 2020, eBay Motors, Syco, Edward Sexton and more.

Vauxhall VIVA - Lane Departure

Vauxhall Astra - Rob Wilson

Racing driver Rob Wilson has trained half of today's F1 grid, including Valtteri Bottas, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Hulkenberg, in a standard Brit-built Vauxhall Astra. As improbable as it seems, Rob’s Astra – along with a GTC and Insignia Sports Tourer – are perfect for his training sessions.

Director / Offline edit - Leif Johnson
DOP - Casper Leaver
Sound operator - Duncan Patterson

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-28 - Be a Part of History

Royal British Legion

Wilson Brothers folding portable dining tables for Bisto, agency: McCann London

Paul Clarvis recording at Chislehurst Caves

Audio Network recorded some spooky sounding percussion deep down in Chislehurst Caves where there's a 23 second reverb. This was a challenge to shoot in such low light conditions. We used the C300 as it performs well in dark. We also had lots of fun using the sound that we recorded in the edit.

Never Lamb Alone with Julian Assange

Labrinth - 1 Man and 4 Musical T-shirts.

Shot this in the office in a couple of hours and mixed the track using only the t-shirts as the instruments.

Flaunt - photoshoot

Shooting behind the scenes of a Flaunt photoshoot.

Blurb - Enhanced ebook


Directed by: Leif Johnson - vimeo.com/leifjohnson
Music by: Luxure XO - soundcloud.com/luxurexo

Models: Eivind Hansen, Vera Manz, Mia Powell and Ego Rodriguez.
Make up: Sophie Elliott

Orphan Colours "Won't Let You Down"

Using har blues and reds to give a studio shoot with very little in it other than the band members a sticking look.

Fight - Luxure XO

Shot as part of a music project for Luxure XO. Fight was shot at the Peacock Gym in Canning Town in the Eastend of London. Shooting time was a very quick four hours and so was the edit. 

Edward Sexton - Master Tailor

Bespoke tailor Edward Sexton and Creative Director Dominic Sebag-Montefiore talk about the Sexton bespoke process and the important qualities of a Savile Row suit. 
In this video we are given insight into the unique process at Edward Sexton, as well as the ethos of their unique made to measure suit and the power of a good suit.


Short film entry for 'The Fear'. Shot and cut in 48 hours. 


The chemical compound MDPV aka Bath Salts, can leave heavy users hearing demonic voices and seeing shadows. Matt is undergoing treatment to help eradicate the voices that plague him daily. After finding out there's nothing that can be done to rid him of his own personal Hell. Matt takes matters into his own hands to finally free him from his living nightmare. Are they really voices in his head or are they in fact something else?


"Life" was a project born out of my fascination with the older generation and how they see life differently by looking back rather then forward. In this video we are talked to by a grumpy old man who in the end gives us a valuable life lesson.    

Escape - The Benefits of Jogging

This was an exercise in what motivates rather then the act itself. The why part of a story is infinitely more compelling and human.

The Crave - "Set Me Free"

Shot on the coldest day of the year. This video was influenced by my all time favourite childhood film "Evil Dead". All shot in one day and cut in a weekend.